Cape Cod Wanderer Program

The Yarmouth Police Community Advisory Team (YPCAT), in a joint program with local Police Departments, is putting in place a Wanderers Program designed to quickly return wandering memory impaired individuals to their home. Numerous cases of lost people are reported each year and hundreds more are believed to go unreported. Recognizing that this problem will continue to grow, the YPCAT offers a registry for ANY person who suffers from a memory disorder and has a tendency to wander away.


This program requires a Wanderer or an “authorized” Caregiver to complete the registration form that provides current information about the individual. This form along with a current photo will be kept on file at your town’s Police Department. One goal is to provide support all over Cape Cod.


The main goal of the Program is to return wandering people quickly and safely to their home and family. This program will help reduce the anxiety on family members associated with wandering individuals.


You can fill out a registration form and bring it to your local Police Dept., and if you would like more information, you may contact us by email:

The Foundation is always looking for donations to help support the Yarmouth Police Department in making our town a safe place to live, work & play.

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