• Yarmouth Police Foundation Established

We are pleased to announce that the “Yarmouth Police Foundation”, a voluntary group of Yarmouth citizens, sanctioned by Yarmouth Police Chief Frank Frederickson, is now a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation under the United States IRS, effective July 24, 2013.


As Chairman of the YPCAT, I am pleased to announce that Kate A. Galop-LaCroix has joined the YPCAT as Chairman of the Drug Awareness Program (DAP).

Kate was born and raised on the Cape, attended Chatham High School and received her Masters in Divinity from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

She is currently Assistant to the Pastor at Northside United Methodist Church in Brewster, providing leadership in the areas of pastoral support, caring ministries and community evangelism and outreach.

Please join me in welcoming Kate to our organization.

Bob Abair, YPCAT Chairman


Bruce Wilson has been appointed as Vice-Chairman for the YPCAT and he will be overseeing the Drug Awareness and Wanderers Programs. Bruce is also the Treasurer for the Foundation.

Susan Provencher has joined the Foundation and was recently elected as the Vice President for 2015. Susan is replacing David Sircom, David has taken on the leadership role for a new YPF program, thanks David!

Chris Greeley has been appointed as Co-Chairperson of the Drug Awareness Program to work with Kate LaCroix on this very important program.


On 11/18/15 we held our drawing for this years raffle ticket sales, we want to thank everyone who purchased tickets and all the volunteers who helped sell the tickets, all in all it was a successful raffle. Our winners: Naureen from Yarmouth Port (1st Prize), Kelly from South Yarmouth (2nd Prize) & Ken from Cotuit (3rd Prize)!!!

  • THE YPD K-9 KENNEL PROJECT (12/17/15)

The Kennel Project for the YPD K-9s is under way, the site was cleared on 12/14/15 and the base for the foundation has been put in place, next up will be the concrete for the floors. We want to thanks everyone who has donated money for this project, the kennel will provide a safe and comfortable place for the K-9s while the officers are at the station or at court.

  • 2016 YPF OFFICERS (12/17/15)

Our election was held this month for the 2016 Officers:

Bruce Wilson, President

Mike Sahagian, Vice-President

Susan Provencher, Secretary

Paul Greeley, Treasurer

Our 2015 President Robert Abair retired in November and we want to wish him all the best as he enjoys his retirement!

  • THE YPD K-9 KENNEL PROJECT (12/1/16)

The “Peter McClelland Yarmouth Police K-9 Kennel” Project for the YPD K-9s is complete and we held the Grand Opening Ceremony on November 12, 2016. We want to thank everyone who helped make this building possible, especially Mike Nardone and Mrs. Mary Benton. The kennel will provide a safe and comfortable place for the K-9s while the officers are at the station or at court. kennel2kennel1kennel3

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